A b o u t  J a n
Jan Gordon
"Queen of Reinventing Individuals"

Jan Gordon is called a visionary, and known for her uncanny ability to find unique projects and connect people and their ideas with funding and/or distribution.

Throughout her career, she has been coaching, educating and packaging people who are in transition or starting new careers.  She has taken those skills and utilized them in new media:

  • Associate Publisher for three start-up magazines

  • VP of New Business Development at Cable Networks

  • Worked with a 3M Company in the early days of cable TV.

  • Created commercials for retail outlets using their coop dollars, and cable TV to drive customers into retail stores.  

  • New Business Development Liaison with William Morris Agency (in Motion Pictures and TV Packaging), bridging the gap between Madison Avenue and Hollywood, and helping to create and develop ways to package celebrities and products with movies and TV shows.

Jan has had the great fortune of working with clients and major ad agencies in several different industries, where she built long term relationships with some of the most wonderful and interesting people and got quite an education in the process. 

Some of her clients include Revlon, NBC, CBS, Tiffanys, General Motors, Mobil Oil, Exxon, Ralph Lauren, Budweiser, among many others. 

Jan was a pioneer in the internet business, and in 1994 launched Cyberland International.  Cyberland, a business development agency, put Jan in touch with her extensive background, and sixth sense for spotting ideal synergies (that married together with great success).

With Cyberland, she saw opportunities for increasing distribution and building brand awareness on and off the web.  Jan worked with clients such as Club Med, Merrill Lynch, AT&T, Calvin Klein, Mastercard, Superbowl, Sony, and many others.  She assembled a team with incredible skills and expertise, and taught clients how the web works with traditional media and marketing, and how to tie it together with their existing marketing programs (i.e., TV, magazines, cable TV, radio, retail, point of purchase, sporting events, concerts, and any other venue that reaches a specific audience). 

Over the years, Jan has created many business opportunities and recently, one led to forming a company that she is a founding partner in.

Letter from Jan:

"I have learned how holy time really is, how whatís at issue is not how much we are given but how well we use what we have.  I have discovered that it is possible to use time to press our spirits into footprints, fingerprints, mind prints that make a difference.  Iíve learned that it is indeed possible to risk the immeasurable reach of which a human soul is capable in order to pass on what one loves to others.  Living on purpose requires us to find what we love fiercely, give it all weíve got and then pass it on, as if it were a torch to those who follow.Ē -- Dr. Dawna Markova

This truly expresses everything I feel and what I bring to you, my client.  I am truly blessed with the opportunity to walk with you on your journey as we explore with others whatís next for you and what unique gifts and talents you will offer and share with the world.

I learned that whether itís a person or a company, everyone has a unique selling proposition.  Success has always been a result of the fact that I listen, analyze, and use my intuition.  I research the competition and arrive at that special niche -- which has guided me in developing materials for advertising campaign (resume, brochure, catalogue, etc.). 

It has been very rewarding for me to take intangibles and turn them into something that makes an impact in the world.  Whether it is building someoneís brand, career, or generating revenue from ads or campaigns, it has always been challenging and exciting. 

In all of my experience, being in the trenches, the good times and the bad times, discovering what worked and what didnít, I bring to my newest venture and deepest passion -- COACH HORIZONS. 

I know what it means to be on top of the world one minute and in the dark and not sure of where to turn the next.  I know what it feels like to think youíre secure and then have the rug pulled from underneath you.  Many people arenít prepared for this, and get thrown into crisis. 

I love the cutting edge and have had to continually reinvent myself and repackage my expertise and talents to fit different opportunities. 

I am currently developing new programs that will focus on "reinventing yourself," creating for you your own unique fingerprint, along with lots of creative solutions and action plans.  Plus, you will be working with other incredible people in a group where everyone will collaborate, support and champion your efforts and who you are.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope to work with you very soon.  Please sign the guestbook and sign up for upcoming newsletters, announcements on upcoming classes and schedules, events and other surprises along the way.

With love and respect,