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“Working with you over the many years, has helped me to expand my vision to think outside the box. You have an ability to make me see things I otherwise wouldn’t have thought about.  

Your ability to ask thought provoking questions made me stretch way out of my comfort zone.  You have helped me become more focused and clear which resulted in me creating a plan of action that reflected my core values, purpose and passion.  I was not living in harmony with who I really was and the road got very rocky… were my anchor and showed me there was definetly light at the end of the tunnel.”


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"You provide such inspiration and encouragement, and you do it with such love and caring.  Your guidance carries such impact, keeping me on track and focused on achieving my goals.  You have been so helpful to me in many, many ways.  Thank you so much."

Cyndi Seidler
Partner, St. John & Seidler

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"Jan Gordon is a conduit for matching people's skills and creating business opportunities.   She has the unique talent of relationship building and can help people in many different industries.  As a coach she combines her astute intuition with years of business experience and a way of listening that helps me to get very clear on how to proceed forward.  Working with her has been invaluable in many difficult situations.....she helped me come up with strategies and a way of looking at things that I never would have thought of."

Paul Cohen
Creatif Licensing

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"Jan has the uncanny ability to go straight to my heart with her soothing spirit, and astute trailblazing business mind. She keeps me focused on crucial issues and facilitates me in coming up with incredible solutions that have been life changing."

Carolyn W.
Textile Designer/Garment Importer

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"Jan Gordon's approach and techniques have been extraordinarily helpful. She has a real gift for tuning in to what's important, helping you discard the rest and crafting a productive action plan."

Allison Dollar
iTV Alliance and digital entertainment consultant

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"I have known Jan Gordon for sixteen years, during which time we have become close friends, a mutual support system, and business collaborators.  She has always brought a warm, caring, insightful, and intelligent quality to all her endeavors, both personal and professional.  Jan possesses that rare quality of intuitive understanding combined with an ability to discern clear solutions that have made her a welcome trusted addition to my life."

Robert Brickman

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